Vale Tony Williamson

Anthony (Tony) Williamson

Father Peter Balabanski and Father David Thornton-Wakeford officiated at the service at St John’s.

In his homily to Tony, David Thornton-Wakeford spoke about the Lesotho Cross, one of the special symbols selected by Tony’s family and in place for the service.

‘Tony proudly wore it as a companion of the Society of the Sacred Mission, both when robed in this sanctuary as a Lay Assistant, and over his secular clothes as well.

‘Tony was a man whose faith and life was particularly influenced by the wonder and grace of the radical forgiveness displayed so amazingly in the cross of Christ. He wanted more and more to be perfected in this grace as he sought to be moulded and shaped in God’s love.’

David went on to say:

‘In faith and in life, Tony always had more questions than answers. He was not so much a religious man, as he was a faith-seeker and enquirer. Thomas Merton once said: “Religion answers the questions; spirituality questions the answers”. This was Tony’s spirituality. Like St Anselm, Tony’s was a “faith seeking understanding”. He wanted to plumb the depths; there was nothing superficial about this man. Behind his penetrating eyes lay a penetrating soul.’

Tony is survived by his wife Sandy; daughters and sons-in-law Sally and Nic, Anna and Nathan; and grandchildren Maisie, Indi and Lucy.

In Tony’s last words:
‘I love you to bits, but now it’s time to go home’.

Tony died on 17 August 2019.

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