Attended by SSM members and friends and U3A participants, the dinner was a fitting end to the lecture series, conducted every second Friday from 26 July by the Revd Dr Phillip Tolliday, SSM’s theological consultant.

Topics covered:

God the Trinity: It’s not really about the numbers.

Hermeneutics: The art and science of interpretation.

The Formation of the Canon: How do our Bibles take their shape?

History: The phenomenon of historical consciousness and its consequences.

Phenomenology of Prayer: What are we doing if we pray?

Each session started at 2.30 pm.

Meredyth Cilento, who runs the U3A Philosophy Group, says she is a great believer in challenging herself intellectually and debating issues.

‘I have an open mind and love the idea of people who have faith; it’s very comforting.

It gives me respect for the clergy hearing those who still have an open mind.’

Pam Rowney says she and her husband were looking for something interesting to attend in the region, and thoroughly enjoyed the sessions.

‘Phillip puts in a fantastic amount of work reading and then writing the papers, they’re thought provoking and can lead your own research in different directions.’

Kath Fisher enjoyed both the reading and the sessions.

‘The papers and discussions were at the level I was looking for.’

Course organiser Geoff Pridham says enlightenment and lively discussion were hallmarks of the sessions, and he looks forward to participating in and contributing to another Phillip Tolliday series.

Everyone at the dinner indicated they will return in 2020.

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