Speaking up

Anthony (Tony) Williamson is a long-standing parishioner of St John’s, and wears the Lesotho Cross to services as a symbol of his connection to SSM. Here he speaks up about his view of SSM in the world.

I took part in the study group of SSM members and parishioners that came together regularly in the month leading up to Easter this year, as I was particularly interested in exploring the theology behind SSM and the work of Father Kelly.

During those two hours a week, I came to appreciate more fully the philosophy of practising Christianity in the light of Kelly’s teachings. Especially now, when ‘being out there’ is not standing on a corner preaching, bur rather, espousing religion through everyday activity. Following Father Kelly’s ideas is a beautiful way of doing that.

During the sessions SSM member and workshop leader Joyce Bleby-Lewis led us through Kelly’s Gospel of God, which is very interestingly written. However, it takes time after a first reading to sit down and interpret what Kelly is on about. It requires you to really think, and I found it to be very logical in its presentation and appropriate to current daily needs.

The thinking sits within my religious outlook and all the many aspects of life, from relationships with others to appreciation of self.

For example, I think there is a huge need out there to have some sort of ministry to men, as we can see the lack of it reflected daily, more recently, in violence perpetrated against women.

I had been reflecting on this issue during a service at St John’s and how best we as a society could find a solution. Serendipitously, as these things do, I found that the sermon by Priest in Charge at St John’s and SSM Provincial Father Christopher Myers hit the nail on the head. Entitled ‘I am in Prison’, it threw light on male ego and how that gets disoriented and can play out in aggression.

This current, active and applicable thinking (or theology), not removed from every day life, pervades life at St John’s, and is one of the reasons it has crossed my mind to get closer to SSM.

I also wear the Lesotho Cross day and night in the lead up to Holy Week and Easter, to mark the sacrifice of Christ.

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