By Father Kelly

Others explore the ‘idea’

  • ‘Father Kelly and Post Modernism’ by Margaret Dewey view pdf
  • A Full Circle’ by Christopher Myers view pdf
  • ‘Journey in the Dark’ by Dunstan McKee view pdf
  • ‘Our SSM Theological Tradition in Today’s World’ by Hilary Greenwood view pdf
  • An idea whose time has come? (2009) contact us
  • An idea still working (1980) contact us
  • Father Kelly and the idea of theology (2002) contact us
  • Myers, C.J. 1991, ‘A vision of catholicity for Japan in the mid-twentieth century’.
    Master of Arts (Asian Studies) thesis, Australian National University contact us
  • Jones, A.W. 1971. ‘Herbert Hamilton Kelly SSM 1860-1950 : A study in failure’,  Doctoral thesis, University of Nottingham contact us

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