Fred’s Pass

Installed as the Rector of Fred’s Pass in February 2016, Father Zamagias is based in Darwin, a 40-minute drive away. He thanked SSM for the financial support, which will enable him to be based in the Parish to maintain a constant presence and help build community, including with local Indigenous people.

 To give members insight into some of his work in the Parish, Father Zamagias spent part of the evening painting a picture of Fred’s Pass (known for its ‘church without walls’) and the wider cultural setting.

The parish encompasses the rural areas south and east of the town of Palmerston, including the townships of Batchelor and Adelaide River. It contains five national parks in its 29,000 square km, and has a population of around 200,000, with strong growth expected over the next decade, particularly young families.

In addition to the special services celebrating Christmas and Easter each year, a service is held at the restored Coomalie Chapel at the Coomalie airstrip, installed during the Second World War. On 17 August, a service will be held to commemorate the 71st Anniversary of the last RAAF mission flown from an Australian base during the war and the declaration of peace in 15 August 1945.

Father Zamagias was previously the Development Co-Ordinator at Nungalinya College. His wife Leeanne, who is the Diocesan Registrar, was with him at the dinner, held on the verandah at Mandalay on Darwin’s Esplanade on Wednesday 20 July.

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