Doing theology

The ‘doing’ of theology was one of the themes of a study group that came together in the lead up to Easter this year, with thinking and discussion centred on The Gospel of God, a theological work by Father Kelly.

‘Where now is your God?’
Psalm 42:3

‘The 20th century has seen unprecedented monumental change, both in scale and pace, in every sphere of human life and enterprise; some of it miraculous and wonderful, some of it disastrous and devastating . . . everything costs something.

‘Over the past century, mindsets and worldviews have been informed by new science, technology, economics, wars, mass migrations and planet destruction.

How has it challenged our ideas of what God is, what God does, how God works?

How has it changed our religions, helped us sift the wheat from the chaff in our religious traditions?

‘Over this time and with all this change, what has happened to our ideas of God?’

SSM member Joyce Bleby-Lewis led the pre-lent workshops based on these questions, very much in the same style as SSM’s enigmatic founder Father Kelly.

The Gospel of God was central to the group’s exploration—in the light of all this ‘new’ information.

The group comprised SSM members and friends and St John’s parishioners interested in translating Father Kelly’s ‘idea’ for the present day.

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